First flight in Q_ENABLE=1 was fun.  I only flew in VTOL for now.  I have a few follow up questions.  I use ArduPlane 3.7.0 with a Pixhawk.

  • Are the PID settings of Plane used, or the Copter ones, or the Q_ ones, or all three?  Or are the Plane ones used in fixed-wing, and the Copter ones in VTOL?  Or are only the Q_ ones used for both VTOL and fixed wing?
  • Is AutoTune recommended for a QuadPlane?  If yes, what's the proper way of doing it for both modes?  Is it just a matter of switching to AutoTune mode in VTOL, and then fly fixed wing and again switch to AutoTune?
  • I tried to fly a small 3-waypoint mission in AUTO after I took off manually in QSTABILIZE.  The mission was just that, three WAYPOINT commands at different lat/long, no VTOL commands.  Should I expect this to work, especially as I was flying a Plane in VTOL?  I thought it had started navigating after I flipped the switch to AUTO and I saw the aircraft kind of move around as if it was going to catch the first waypoint.  But I had to switch back to QSTABILIZE as it was drifting (was windy) a few meters too close from a tree.  WP_RADIUS=3.
  • I noticed my HUD saying "EKF2 IMU1 switching to compass".  Looking at the code it doesn't seem expected.  Should I suspect something wrong with my GPS's (primary mag) to be at fault?


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