Quadrotor concept


Hello all! We are a team drone enthusiasts and we have been working on a conceptual drone project for while. At the top is a picture of the concept we have in mind. The plan is to design a drone which stands out from the others in the market in the terms of agility, speed, durability and aesthetics. As can be see from the picture we kept the design as aerodynamic as possible and aesthetically pleasing.

We are Makers and believe in open source and that it can be used to speed development of projects exponentially since we build on past achievements and not reinvent the wheel. For this reason, we have decided to deploy ROS on this. Also we think that getting the community involved will help us decide the features which will appeal to the majority.  Therefore, we are making our design public. What we need is the help from the community to give us direction so that we don’t end up wasting time on features and ideas that are far fetched.


Here is the list features we plan to currently:

  1. A maximum flight time of  30 minutes approximately.

  2. Runs ROS to speed up development.

  3. Robust nonlinear controller for stability, maybee obstacle avoidance and mapping.

  4. Aesthetical.

  5. Aerodynamically efficient shape for faster speeds and low drag.

  6. Improvised and compact gimbal.


Looking forward to hearing from you guys.



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  • This is a pretty drone! This first concept art looks very well designed and very clean. I assume that having the drone by more aerodynamic means you can get about 30 minutes out of it? 

    • Thanks Daniel. Yes, we are being really pedantic and doing whatever we can to ensure that we reach the target flight time. 

      • That's super cool! Do you have a target price or is this still an unknown?

        • It's still unknown. We are still deciding several other features. Once we are done with that and few other things, we will estimate the market price. 

          • Oh ok then! I assume this will be competing with drones like the DJI Phantom series of drones?

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