My Quanum Nova appears to have an issue with motor 1 (front left arm). I assumed it was a bad motor, of which I’ve replaced using Hobby king parts though find the issue continues.

I’m writing to explain the various steps I’ve taken (with detailed pictures) in the hopes of gaining good advice on the best direction to do.

Pictured below are the connections between the receiver and the flight controller (hoping to get confirmation that my connections are correct OR a definition of what needs to go to what for correction…thanks in advance to any that can supply help with this question).

Pictured below is an on top view of my nova WITH my motor signal cabling defined. Again, do I have correction connections as labeled?

Motor 1’s ESC LED’s light up when throttle is given to it so I’m a little lost…I’m guessing the lights are not an indicator of a healthy ESC so seeing the lights does not indicate a working ESC. One thing I noticed is this ESC and this ESC alone has an extra wire soldered to it from the main board. The other 3 ESC’s DO NOT have this connection (pictured below).

I marked this “odd” wire out with a black line. It’s the only ESC that has this connection.

Pictured below is the armed quad with all motors spinning (but the problem, front left motor though the LED clearly lit).

So my questions….

Is this an obvious ESC issue where a simple purchase of a replacement ESC will resolve my issue?  (I fear getting a new ESC to find the issue continues, therefore it could go as far back as the main board).

Suggestions of other methods I should use to try testing/confirming the issue (note, I have configured the ESC’s and all but this problem arm go through the double beep then initialize tones).


Should I just cut my losses (in time and effort) and get a new Quanum Nova? If so, is it possible to JUST purchase the quad as I already have a working radio/transmitter? With that said, CAN the original (problem) Nova’s radio be used with a new Nova? (there is a $100 difference in cost without the radio so I’m hoping it is doable IF this is the best route for me to go in).


Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my notes and provide any feedback you might have.



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