• I would appreciate some help too. I cannot find the apm_config file that contains a 'frame_type' parameter. 

    Would truly appreciate a more thorough explanation. I'm using Mission Planner 1.2.11 mav 1.0 and that is the only thing I have installed. 


    -What other software do I need to install to configure the frame type to Octa_quad?

    - Can I still use mission planner to change PID settings, etc?

    - What is the name of the config file to change when using mission planner 1.2.11 (could not find anything in the directory that contains frame_type in a config file?

    I'm lost, which is too bad as I just spend a day building the OctoQuad, assuming it would be supported. I'm actually surprised it is not. 



  • if your frame is four arms with 8 motors "Octa QuadCopter"  you need to manually edit the APM_config file and upload your sketch using arduino IDE

    search the wiki for OCTA_QUAD setup


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    You mean an Octa in X configuration? Just load the regular Octa and select X in the setup process.

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