Hello, I have put together a rover with a whole assortment of parts, and I can get it to go around in circles fine without the pixhawk attached. However, when I try to use the pixhawk to manually drive it, all hell breaks loose.

I have

ESC: 6V esc that also powers 5.23V to the rail ESC link

Servo: "Standard rudder servo" From here

Pixhawk: finally got it to connect to mission planner after 15 USB cables

receiver1: Spektrum SR310 (Just for manual driving)

receiver2: Spektrum SPM4648 (Bought because it plugs into pixhawk)

Transmitter: Spektrum DX2E (Binds with both receivers)


I can bind to both receivers, but can only drive with the first one. As soon as I bind to the second and plug everything in to the pixhawk, I receive no response. The orange led has stopped flashing after binding. When trying to calibrate in MP, there are no green bars or anything. Do I need to upgrade my transmitter? I really don't have the money for one of those multi channel PWM transmitters.

Problem 2:

How do I ACTUALLY connect a servo to the pixhawk? I have been told

1. Just connect to main out 1

2. Connect to Aux out 1 with BEC connected to Aux out 6

3. Just connect the signal cable to main out 1 signal in and power it separately.


Well, which one is it? Can I connect my servo to main out 1 because my esc connected to main out 3 is outputting 5.23 V?

I have been working building this rover every night for months, and am now in the pixhawk phase, and I am completely dying trying to figure this out. Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!

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Has anyone ever experienced radio issues?

Has anyone ever attached a servo to a pixhawk?

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