Radiolink Mini Pix does not save the configuration

Hi, I have a Radiolink Mini Pix, in which I installed the arduplane firmware from its official page "", all good until the controller starts and It works, I make all the necessary adjustments, but when you restart the mini pix, it has not saved anything, it does not save the configuration that I did, what can I do?, I go to the section "Complete list of parameters" and select "Write parameters", but still it does not save anything, when disconnecting and reconnecting the mini pix, it is as if it had not configured anything.

Psdt1: try to load this other firmware from the official radiolink page "", but the board does not work, the PC does not detect it and the status of the LED does not turn on, I had to reinstall the firmware from the previous link.

Psdt2: I tried stable firmware versions for minipix from the ardupilot page "", but it seems that none works, the board does not work when loading this firmware

Psdt3: I also tested the version of the mission planner for radiolink, with no results.

I would greatly appreciate your answers.

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  • Sorry for the poor translation, I live in Brazil so I don't speak English.

    try to re-release the rantron chip.
  • Hello I was having the same problem, searching I didn't find a solution until I saw your publication so I solved the problem myself, what I did was to resold the rantron chip so from that all the settings are saved, you can try another solution that I get like this answer from the radiolink team =
    Dear Sir
    Thank you for using Radiolink products.
    First, try to use the power module to power the MINIPIX, and then connect to the computer via USB. If the computer's USB power supply is insufficient, recording of the parameter fails. Check the MINIPIX version, as defined in the figure below, and select the correct firmware to flash.
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