Radios work on 1 computer but not laptop?

So I bought a new laptop yesterday, wiped Win 8 off right away and have Win 7 on it now. I've got all the drivers installed, too. Now the odd part, I'm trying to get my telemetry working.

It works just fine on my desktop, connects and I get data through .. but on the laptop with the exact same settings, it just times out/no heartbeat packets. I'm lost?


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  • 3D Robotics

    Are you sure you've selected 57k?

    • Yep - unless it's not taking effect for some reason. Looking at the LED's for the FTDI chip when I try connect, they're blinking as if it's trying to start a connection, but the radio modules just continue doing their ~1hz red LED flash. I can unplug it from the laptop, plug it straight into my desktop and it connects fine. Really odd.

      As an aside, if I also try the "load settings" button in the raido config page, it says failed to enter command mode, but once again works fine on my desktop. 

      • Just been trying a bit more .. I used doubledriver to create a copy of the FTDI drivers from my desktop - no good. Then I just copied mission planner entirely - still no good. Win is all up to date, tried all the latest drivers, few different versions of mission planner .. nothing.

        • Sorry for the triple post, but this is really messing with my head. I have a friends spare APM and telemetry modules here. I hooked those up, plugged it into the laptop, works fine. Also plugged them into the desktop, also works fine. Plug my telem modules into the same APM and my desktop, works fine. Plug into the laptop - doesn't work. So obviously the issue is with my telemetry module somewhere, but why only on the laptop and not the desktop? 

          • 3D Robotics

            Are you plugging straight into the laptop or via a hub? Sometimes hubs don't generate enough power. Also try switching the USB cable. 

            Also, is that a USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 port? Sometimes USB 3.0 ports can cause issues due to non-optimized drivers. 

            • Straight in, I've checked voltages and they all seem fine. I've tried both USB2 and 3 ports.

              I have found something interesting though .. I have both APM's and their telem modules connected and running, and plugged both "RX" modules into the laptop. The one that won't work on the laptop has the FTDI RX LED flashing like crazy, while the other one, which does work, doesn't have any fTDI LED's flashing at all (but both have the dim red radio LED flickering). This is even after unplugging/replugging the device, so I haven't opened it's comport. Plugging both modules into my desktop gives the same thing, but the "bodgy" module still connects fine in MP. So strange ..

              • 3D Robotics

                Check that all the radio settings are the same, such as ECC and IDs. All the radios should have exactly the same settings. 

                • They appear to, I did a reset to defaults in MP also. The fact the "bodgy" radio's FTDI RX LED is flashing even without opening the comport is kind of a giveaway though.

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