Range finder PROBLEM - Bad Altitude 40,000 (m) with Sonar and optical flow

Hi guys, I have a problem reading my sensor, the altitude is starting to increase a lot!

I'm using the Analog output of the Sonar that comes builtin with the PX4FLOW and I'm connecting to the PIXHAWK in the analog input, doing this:


The measure of the sonar works well in the analog input, I have a 1 V/m scale and is very accurate,

****but the altitude starts to increase when the drone is on***** 

.....and after a while..... the top is 40,000 m

 I can't figure out what is the problem, this are my parameters for the Range Finder 

If I change EKF_ALT_SOURCE = 0 ( use baro) the Altimeter works well but I can't use the RangeFinder with this option enabled

Any ideas ?

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