Rapid climb in drift mode?


I tried posting this on the support forum but as of yet had no response.

I have built a new quad and run 3.1 using V configuration and having a problem with the quad climbing rapidly in drift mode. 

The quad is very stable in stabilize, loiter & alt hold. In fact in alt hold and loiter I get no up or down movement and can hover at one altitude for a whole battery if I want.

As soon as I go into drift mode and start moving the quad starts climbing quite fast and I have to back the throttle right down to bring it back down.

I have included a log.
Any ideas what I am missing.

2014-02-06 14-00.log

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  • I thought drift mode did not support alt hold. You have to use the throttle to hold altitude where you want it.
    Read here
    • Thats true, but it does seem to climb where i dont get that in stabilise. ill check the logs for thottle inputs.

  • Hi, did you ever get this sorted out? i am getting the same in 3.1.5 on APM2.5


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