Hi all,

I have explained my problem in the APM forum but I did not get the solution for my problem.


I have an ardupilot 2.6 and we have calibrated it. We also had our motors respond to it at some point, but now the ardupilot gives us RC not calibrated error. This happened when we removed the external GPS and compass while the ardupilot was powered on. It is not calibrating again, because channel 5 cannot see the joystick change like the other channels. To be more precise, channel 5 only moves from 900 to 901 on mission planner, while channels 1 to 4 (throttle, pitch, roll, and yaw) vary between 900 to 1900. In fact channels 5 to 8 cannot seem to vary with joystick manipulation. What seems to be the problem. Is it software(Atmega 2560) or hardware such as short circuit with in the APM?

Thank you in advance

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why nobody helps in this forum?  

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