Rc receiver -> usb -> osx input


Little bit off drone topic, but the tech is related..

I want to connect a RC reciever, to USB then into my macBook as a joystick or other input controller.

Has anyone done something similar?

I purchased a FS-SM101 similar to this to try:


,...but not having any luck on the UBS->OSX part. None of the USB input device programs are detecting value changes. (It detects USB VRC adpater is present)

Power is working as the USB drives the Receiver lights and using a servo in a free channel can be controlled by the bound transmitter.

Any ideas?

I'll have a go soon on a PC to see if that will detect input values, but just wondering if anyone has tried this before. IN particular in OSX (since the software I plan to use it with is OSX based).

So far Ive tried these apps:

Joystick Mapper

USB overdrive

USB prober (tho Im not 100% sure how to use this)

Joystick And Gamepad Tester 4.2

Thanks heaps


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  • Hi

    No one tried this?

    It doesnt nexxessarily need to be this adatper.

    Ive seen ones like SimStream etc that have similar functionality (at 5x cost)

    Basically jsut need RC->USB-> osX as an input device with signals/channels



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