RC Transatlantic Flight Plane.

Has anyone ever re-attempted this record?


I am interested in doing this and attempting this. Probably most likely with a GO Pro HD camera attached to record everything. Is there a good autopilot that would be able control the gas engine that one could recommend, perhaps with collision avoidance. I think I saw something about sonar detection and collision avoidance for the APM 1.0. 2560 board on the udrones.com store website.


I would be using a 4 channel rc gas engine plane, the gas engine would be modified to have an alternator to charge the batteries.




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    It should be much easier to accomplish with todays technology, but perhaps much harder to get permission?

  • Have you considered Carb heat for icing en route 2 stroke?or four stroke ?You could bleed some exhaust gas around the  venturi to keep it warm . How may hours do you expect to take ? are you doing it in one shot a series of steps You could run the engine the recommended number of hours to see the fuel burn then calculate your weight + 30% for head wind if you can get up in the jet stream you can get a 200+ knot push and maby just idle across at altitude you will need a means of leaaning the mixture  A transponder or a modified epirb locator beacon and tell the authority what you are doing  modify a sat phone with Gps and it will show you where it is and you can control it from home . I think Iridium makes one with data link With a transponder air traffic control would keep track of it maby a series of RCplanes go up en route for in flight fueling 

    the ideas are limit less Very worthwhile project! Good Luck!

  • I'd suggest Paparazzi as the autopilot.  The APM is cool, but it's nowhere near as sophisticated and mature as Paparazzi.

    I use the APM mainly because it has nicer GCS software, uses MAVlink, and runs in windows.  But if I were doing some high end stuff like you propose I'd use Paparazzi.  The Umarin board in particular is very tiny and light.

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Dec 3, 2020