I am new to UAVs. I know that software already exists that abstracts away from the mathematics and physics involved in flying multirotor systems, so that people do not need to deal with that if they just want to be able to fly their UAVs.

However, being a student, I am always interested in how stuff actually works. I would like to know more about the physics involved in controlling multirotor systems. I would like to know how rotors actually produce the forces necessary to fly an object. I would like to be able to derive from the shape and size of the blades, and the motors, the physical forces produced, so that I can do the necessary calculations to build a multirotor system myself (in theory, that is).

I have already ordered some components to build my own mini quadcopter, but I am more interested in the theory behind multirotor systems. Being able to fly the thing seems nice, but understanding how the flying actually works, would be even more interesting.

Could anyone recommend me any good books or articles on the subject? The more mathematical it is, the better.

Thanks in advance,

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Hello and Welcome Jochem,

This will get you started:

Basic Rotorcraft Aerodynamics

The dynamics of control are well spelled out here:

Paul Pounds Modelling and Control...

My favorite reference text:

Dr. Leishman's _Principles of Helicopter Aerodynamics_

There are many, many more. Search for anything written by Paul Pounds.

A relatively recent one which has significant relevance for an announcement I'm about to make:

The MIT Variable Pitch Paper

Have fun!

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