Really Big Tricopter (Really) 240cc 28hp

Well, Here's the beginning of my Movie Prop Tricopter Project. 1 Rotomax 80cc electric brushless outrunner and 1 Xoar PJT Carbon Fiber Propeller. Will be airfoil shrouding 3 of these for approx 150 lbs of static thrust.  3691005580?profile=original

2013-01-10 20.09.27.jpg

2013-01-10 20.10.12.jpg

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  • I'm new to the format here so please forgive my posting style.  Sure to catch on soon.  So here's the Rotomax 80cc and the 27x10 Xoar PJT CF Prop.  Both are of outstanding craftsmanship.  Can't wait to get them in the air. :) 

    • Hey Hi! You're the only person to post any interest in over 2 years. :( On a happy note, thanks so much for caring. I have continued the project and decided to go with a quad instead of a tri. However I'm building it with tricopter style thrust vectoring via control vanes as they are a fraction of the motor weight. I much prefer the flight characteristics of thrust control. I've also designed it for forward tilt rotor flight with all 4 motors. Also, I've sized up to the 150cc motors so 600cc total and sick thrust numbers. All that said, there's more. I've decided to make it directly pilot able. So a real human vtol flying Machine. It will be impressive but not practical however a step closer to personal flight. I will post some pics. I've done mostly cad designing so far but plan to start building in October.
    • Pics?!?!?! how was the flight???

  • 3692656456?profile=original

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