I have a strange situation where the whole system work fine when I first connect the power. But after a few minutes, the receiver suddenly stop working, do not react to transmitter input and the LCD also blinking red which means no binding with the transmitter. When this happen the throttle is set to about 50%. The only solution is to disconnect the battery power.
I have been using the same system for a few months without any issue. this problem only happen recently when I do my normal maintaninence.
I am lucky to found this situation while the plane was on the ground. Anyone has come across similar situation? Any idea is greatly appreciate.

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I suspect your BEC supply output(s) are dropping below RX tolerances.

Have you measured the voltage at the RX?

It could be that, with time, something is falling out of regulation.


Thanks for the suggestion. It is a good idea to check the voltage of the receiver. I'm using APM power module.

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