• Ok, I see the discussion is now about min throttle which I can't help with.

    But the subject caught my attention because as Randy says, I have done something with TradHeli to make the motors start slowly.  They ramp up when you first start them.

    Is this something that we should do for Multis?  It should be easy to do.  I'm thinking simple a 1-2 second ramp up time.  And the ramp is only started at zero when you arm.  So if you shut the motors down in the air, they will restart immediately.  

    I think Marco asked for this a while back.  MK does it, it's a bit of a safety feature.  It buys you just a bit of reaction time if the motors start accidentally on the ground.

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         We don't have any functionality like that in the AC code except for the traditional helicopter (this functionality was added recently by Robert Lefebvre).

         I guess you have very big props or is it that you want to give yourself some more warning in case something you do suddenly causes the props to start spinning?

         It's possible to implement probably by making changes in the AP_Motors code to slow the maximum speed for the motors for a while after the throttle has been raised from zero...but then you get into the the copter actually flying and the user has just temporarily cut power so that he/she can watch it tumble towards the ground for a bit? these cases when the pilot reengages the throttle we wouldn't want to do a slow throttle up...anyway, those are some of the difficulties..

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