• Thanks Knuckle, but I tried using the alias.ssss of AN0-AN5. This works when I write a simple sketch to turn them on, but not when I'm working in the Ardupilot code..

    That said, I was able to figure out the answer to my own question. Based on the number of digital pins you normally have on a mega, and adding to that number, I found the following is true.

    Print on AMU - Digital Pin Ref
    AN0 - 54
    AN1 - 55
    AN2 - 56
    AN3 - 57
    AN4 - 58
    AN5 - 59

    Maybe someone can add this to the doc.

  • According the the documentation on the arduino website, you can now reference them by A0, A1, A2...check here . It didnt use to be that way, so maybe make sure youre using a newer arduino ide and maybe try with something cheap like an led and resistor first.
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