Hi all. I currently have a splash drone 3 and have decided to convert all the internal hardware to DJI. Everything works perfectly but the only hickup I have is that my normal and return to home toggle switch is out of calibration on the DJI assistant software. Is there any way to re-calibrate or hardwire my toggle switch with a variable resistor to get it in range. Please see attached picture (control mode switch selection). I am not able to connect my remote to my laptop for calibration so any advise would really help.

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Hi all. I have manage to figure out that my remote is made by Flysky and tried to connect the T6config software to it. The same as you will calibrate a Flysky fs-i6 but no luck. Would anybody have software for Flysky remotes that has 10 channels? The T6config software only works on 6 channel Flysky remotes.

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