Hello guys/forum

I've followed this forum for some time now and today I registered as I want to build my own drone, and start my project.

There is one heck of info and nice builds/projects on this forum, but I hope its okay that I make this thread to ask questions regarding my drone and my requirements. I'll explain my goal/project, ask what I need, and ask for guidance and tips.

My goal is to build a drone/quadcopter which I can operate totally remote through a 4G connection with lets say a twin sim-card. The drone should have operatable servo mechanics, like when I push a button for a command, that command tells servo motor #1 to turn x degrees, and then back. For example squeezing a spray can which the drone is carrying. And for example one command for servo motor #2 to release a payload like dropping a lunch box at high alltitude for workers who are working 200m in the air.

Well this is maybe getting a bit long, but I want my drone to operate totally remote, do functions/commands, stream video and maybe sound to me (thats how I plan to operate it) like FPV view style. How much battery would an infrared camera drain? 

So, can someone point me in the first direction of where I should be looking for hardware, and what specific hardware I need?

So what needs to be powered is sensors, brushless motors, gps-trackers, servo motors, boards, video camera and so on. Would a drone of this caliber require a lot of juice to be powered? I want to keep it electric. Also, if Im going this route, would this drone have to be powered and operated with a raspberry pi board with 4G transmitting devices? How should I structure the build/project? 

Would a custom made propeppeller with high CFM-flow/efficiency save some energy on the batteries? Is it possible to connect 4-5 series of the same lipo battery of lets say 20000mah? I've seen some drones which carry high payloads on kickstarter use AA batteries in a lot of series connection. Is this a smarter solution to save weight? 

Is there a specific thread/project here I should read about? Or have a read on some other websites or blogs about building this?

Also, how should I go forward with programming all this so it works properly? Which programming language are people using for programming their drones do commands and fly? C, python? Something else? What program do people use? I've never built a drone and its years since I've programmed a little bit, so Im a complete novice here, but I have high ambitions and want to make a bad ass drone with good functionality.

If someone has done something like this before, how much $$$ are we talking about for a decent and good build here? And how much time programming and reading documentations if you're completly new?

Thanks in advance for help

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