remote sony camera control via RM-VPR1 and any rc system HELP

hi guys im looking for advice 

I have recently just finished my sky hero build and now have begun mounting my gimbal and camera equipment i have an idea that i need help with i want to be able to control my Sony A5000 camera from the ground ,after a look around the web i found the RM-VPR1 , which is a cheep wired remote that works with almost every sony camera , what i need help with is taking this remote and modding it to work with my ezuhf rc control system , i have heaps of channels free ultimately i want to  have full control from the ground of zoom , shutter, video start and stop , how hard would this be to do? rc switches soldiered to the pads in the remote? or will it be a bit more complex than that? 

i dont mind buying this remote and tearing it apart but it would be good to get some advice from you guys RE if its possible , it would be a very handy device if someone could build one of these from scratch , or if someone already has i would love a link , thanks again

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You should use Stratosnappper 2 :)

yea ive seen that one but it only gives me shutter control no zoom or video on/off 

Hi robincfey,

I have had good success with this remote shutter:

I think it does most of what you need. They just added support for the A5000 with this cable: Multiterminal cable

I am curious to hear any experiences with your A5000 as I am considering buying that camera as well:). How does it cope with vibrations and what lenses are you using?

Have a great day:)!

It has Video on/off, i use this myself.

For Zoom i use this:

Looks nice and cheap for lenses without power zoom. Thanks for the link:)! What are your experiences with the OSS SteadyShot feature. Do you always disable it? Is it enough to disable it, or do you look for lenses without SteadyShot?

I couldn't afford the a5000 and made a big mistake and got one of the only cameras Sony makes that doesn't support wired remotes so I'm stuck with a nex-5 , going to use ir trigger

Sorry to hear that.. I have heard good things about the nex5 for aerial photography. I have a friend using that camera with this simple IR trigger in case you haven't bought one yet.

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