Replace IRIS+ radio module

Dear All, 

I bought an IRIS+ 3DR quadrotor and I need to replace the radio module which is installed on the IRIS+.

This because I bought the wrong IRIS+, I work in France and I bought a 915 MHz IRIS+. I contacted the support center of 3DR and they told me I can ship them back the radio modules of 915 MHz and they can send me the 433 MHz ones.

My question is:

someone of you knows or has a tutorial on how to unmount the IRIS+ to take apart the radio module?

Thanks for your time,


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  • This is what a guy from 3DR told me:

    Sorry for the misunderstanding, I thought you meant you had 3 Radio sets, not 3 individual radio modules. I see you purchase an extra 3DR Radio Set (Frequency: 915 Mhz) with the Iris+. Since that's still new, then you can send those back for a refund of the item total, which will be $100 USD. Please send everything the Radio set came with, such as the module, antennas and cables. The other radio you receive is part of the Iris+,

    If you chose to send back the Iris+ back to us so we can change the telemetry radios for you, then you will only need to send Iris+ with the FlySky RC and the telemetry radio that came with it. You can also send the extra 3DR Radio Set (Frequency: 915 Mhz) you purchased. There's no need for you to send back the replacement arms or the micro sd card.

    You can also place a new order online with the 3DR Radio Set (Frequency: 433 Mhz) along with the new spare parts you need. Send back the 2 Radio Sets you have, the one that with the Iris+ and the extra Radio you bought. So you will be sending back a total of 4 radio modules. You will need to open up the Iris+ and remove the radio module that it comes with.

    The thing that made me think that I have to send also the FR SKY (in the picture) which is in the IRIS+ is the phrase in bold. So I thought I had also to remove some parts from the radio controller I use to control the IRIS+ which came in the same package of the IRIS+.

    So from what you guys told me I should send back only  ALL the radio modules (antenna and body) I have (the one inside the IRIS and the extra ones I purchased).

    So, my Remote controller will work also with the 433MHz modules without any change?

    Sorry for the amount of questions, but I would like to be sure before sending back to US.


    • Your transmitter (the one whit plenty levers and knobs is also called a radio, but it is not related to the 915 radios. Your second picture relates to the FrSky receiver, which works in the transmitter (the one whit plenty levers and knobs). The 915 or 413 radios are used for telemetry and or to send specific commands to the iris in conjunction with a GCS like droidplanner, andropilot for android tablet, or Mission Planner for Windows PC.

      So you will have to send back the one on your first pictures and all the other ones that are like the one in the first picture.

  • Do you guys think I should replace also the FlySky RC and the telemetry radio that came with it?

    Or only the one I attached in the pic of the last post?

    • You definitely don't need to send back the FlySky RC.  But you DO need to send back the ground based telemetry radio as well as the telemetry radio you took out from inside the Iris.  These are actually exactly the same...the only difference is that the one that stays on the ground has the plastic protective shell that is not needed on the one inside the Iris.  The reason you need to send back both is that they are both 915MHz and you need the 433MHz...also, they are a matched pair (programmed to each other).  You should make sure 3DR is sending you a PAIR of the 433MHz radios...ask them to pair them for you.  If they don't, or won't, it is not difficult to do this yourself, but it can be a bit daunting to newbies.

    • Fabrizio, you don't need to unscrew the 8 long screws, they hold the middle plates and the bottom plate.

      You do not want to send back the FlySky Rx, but make sure you send back the other 3d radio, the one you plug onto your android or pc.

  • So. I did it and I will write, when I have time a small guide. It is really easy.

    In total you have to unscrew, all from the bottom of the IRIS+:

    - 8 long metal screws

    - 2 small metal screws from the bottom/back

    - 1 small metal screw from the bottom/front

    Then the IRIS+ can be opened.

    At this point you will see the radio module and to remove it you need to unscrew 3 plastic screws. 

    Now you have your radio module body. If you need the antenna too you need to remove it from the IRIS, I unscrewed it by hands.

    I hope this will help someone else. :)

    p.s. Attached is the radio module (antenna+body) unmounted.3701866314?profile=original

  • Fabrizio, I don't know iris+, but I am sure its the same as the iris.

    You will have to unscrew the top cover, 3 screw, one where the battery lid is and two at the back of the main under cover.

    Once the cover removed you will see the radio, which also has 3 screws.

    • Thanks for your reply. I will try to do it today!

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