Replacement 3DR Motor Bearings

One of my 3DR Motors (AC2830-358) does not have the same "feel" when rotating as the other motors. I suspect that one of the bearings is failing. Instead of replacing the whole motor, I hoped that I could purchase a replacement bearing to fix this without buying a whole new motor.

While it appears the inner diameter is likely .125" (3.17mm shaft diameter = ~.125"), the outer diameter is unclear to me, and I don't have calipers to measure.

Has anyone tried to replace these bearings before? If so, what did you use to replace them with?

Thank you for your help! I'm loving my 3DR Quadcopter, and I want to make sure I can continue flying!

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  • Did you ever find replacement bearings for 3dr motors?

    • bearings for 3dr motors are:

      2830 : 1/8"X5/16"x3/32" These are the same bearings as the blade 350QX.  A complete set of 8 bearing is available from Fast Eddy bearings for $8.

      2836 : 4x10x4 MR104-ZZ also available from Fast Eddy for a buck a piece.

      Tiger Motors suggest changing bearings after 60 hours.  I suspect the 3DR motor's stock bearings are not the Japanese ones found in tiger motors, so maybe we should change out a little more often?

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