Hi all,

I'm interested in playing with the APM 1, and I wanted to start from scratch using AtmelStudio.  My question is, how do I reprogram the uP? Most of the uP I've worked with require some sort of tool, or access to the JTAG.  The MissionPlanner seems to be able to use the USB/serial port.  Can someone point me in the right direction?



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If you're using Arduino to program, you can just use the USB connection (it has a built-in Arduino bootloader). If you want to use AVR studio, you'll need to us an AVR programmer instead. 

Hi Chris, 

Thanks for the prompt reply. Just a few more questions...

Is there an Arduino Getting Started Guide?  I'm all for RTFM, but I can't seem to find the manual. I DLed the ArduPlane, and loaded it into Arduino.  I click verify, but I get a bunch of errors.. (Actually, now it successfully builds. I don't know why, because I didn't change anything.)

What board/programmer do I use? (options in the Tool Menu) I have the APM Mega 1...

I assume I choose <Arduino Mega 2560> Which programmer? 

Finally, if I were to get an AVR programmer, which one would work?  What pins/type of input is accessible? Is there a J-Tag interface available?

Also, is there any documentation on the Arduino bootloader?



Yes, it's all in the manual here

You know, I'm sure, that Arduino is not required to use ArduPlane/ArduCopter. The Mission Planner will load all the code for you. Arduino is just there if you want to play around with the code or write your own.

Ah, I missed the appendix.  Thanks!  I've been playing with the mission planner for a while, and it works great. I just wanted to dive deeper.

Thanks again!


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