Resolution of in-flight tuning with Ch-6 knob


is there a way to increase the resolution when during in-flight tuning with a knob connected to Channel 6?

If I set the minimum value to 4 and the maximum to 6 from one end of the knob to the other I only ger 3 values: 4, 5 and 6. Not 4.5 or 4.65 or 5.90.

How can I increase the resolution, so turning the knob will use decimal values as well?


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  • The knob should have a resolution of hundreds of points.

    You need to step through every stage in the process.

    First at your radio. How is the pot configured, what range of output does it generate?.

    Then use the radio calibration screen, and look at what the pot is doing to the display here. Typically you  should see a smooth range of movements, with hundreds of steps.

    Then either do a calibration or if you don't want to do this, put the max and min values seen here into the max and min values in the advanced parameter list for CH6.

    Then do the setup in the config screen, and test the knob. Turn it, refresh the values and you will see what the pot is giving.

    On my radio, I get values stepping in perhaps 0.02 steps.

    I only get 'steps' like you are describing if I use switches, or setup a mix giving fixed levels.

    Best Wishes

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