Restarting a mission problems

 How do you start a "new" mission.  I just flew a short test mission , then brought the plane down and loaded a new mission.  I even had it read it back to me to be sure it was loaded, but when I went up and hit auto, it just wanted to come home.. Just like it was finishing the previous mission.  

BTW, can I just load a new mission while it is loitering over head?  that would be nice.

Do I have to reboot the APM2 each time?  I don't think that is desirable, but it sure would not accept a mission even though  the waypoints showed it did.

I even hit restart mission from the Flight screen while in the air, but this had no effect either.

thanks for any help

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  • I have experienced the same problem.

    The plane finished the mission and went on to loiter. while the plane was still in the sky I clicked restart mission from MP via telemetry. Then switched it back to auto mode using the transmitter and it wanted to go to home. The same happened if I set the waypoint to 1.

    I haven't tried it yet but I'll try clicking restart mission when the mission has ended and is in auto mode and see if that works.

    It would be nice if restart mission would work as you would Intuitively think in any mode.

  • I tried to reset the mission today and it just returned home when I reselected AUTO again. During all tries I switched out of auto than hit the reset. After reading some comments maybe I am suppose to leave it in AUTO and hit the reset – is this correct?

    Say if the first point in a mission is a waypoint and the last point is unlimited loiter. Once it starts the loiter I just hit reset and it will head off to WP 1. Is that the way I am suppose to do it?

    Too windy to test that theory now so I want to know the correct procedure when I go out to fly next time.



  • Moderator

    There's an assumption that everyone has or uses telemetry and can thus perform a 'Mission Restart'. What if you don't have it or left it at home that day (as I did)?

    I'm a big proponent of 'easy, simple, logical' operation so clearly the way to restart a mission - once complete and in loiter around home - must surely be to switch out of Auto and then back into Auto?

  • Mack, I ran into this issue as well when making some test flights this weekend, seemed like the only way I could get it to do a new mission was to bring it down, reset the ardupilot, then re-write the new mission. I agree being able to upload a new mission with it loitering above would be fantastic.

  • Developer

    do you have 2 way telemetry?

    in the action tab on the flight data tab, you can restart mission from there.

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