The European Union, China, Japan, South Korea, India etc. many countries that develop civilian drones have strict controls on drones, and there are three safety levels: L, M and H.

If the weight of complete drone is less than 25KG, it is an open type. Buyers only need to register and take short training. However, if the weight is greater than 25KG, it will have strict flight area restrictions, appliaction restrictions and certification requirements.

In India, due to the shortage of drone training agency and the high cost of certificate authorization, drones less than 25KG have become the main demand. For agricultural drones less than 25KG, only 10L spraying capacity is suitable. In order to meet the requirements, drone companies generally reduce the configuration to obtain government authorization.

In response to this situation, China's upstream suppliers of drone components have launched an ultra-light, ultra-small frame with a load capacity of 10L and a six-axis model to meet the 25kg weight limitation .For agriculture This is a good news for drone manufacturers.(Frame model is E610M )

As technology and systems improve, I believe that various countries will gradually relax restrictions on large payloads to better meet the application of drones in the civilian field.


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