Reversed supply - no ppm read, no usb power

Yesterday i was tuning my ACM board via USB cable. - wire of LiPo was connected to 5v BEC, + wire was not connected. Suddenly + LiPo wire touched ground of telemetry modem... I saw some sparks, computer died.

Now, when im connecting ACM board through usb there is no power, no led blinking, nothing happens. If i connect my LiPo, board seem to work ok (though Mission Planner i can see all sensors working), exept of RC readings. All readings = 0 :( On bottom red board only power LED is on, no ppm blue led.

My atmega328 died? Ok, i can replace and reflash it. But why i havent power though USB? Any ideas?



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  • Successfully replaced Mega328 and 16Mhz crystal (i soldered standart size crystal), loaded firmware with codevision. Now ppm decoder works without problems and i got power from USB!

    Today it was my second flight, tested Alt Hold and Loiter - works like a charm! Thanks to developers :)

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Aug 25