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Just flew my first missions after upgrading to 1.3.10. Come home & downloaded missions via usb. When i go into telemetry logs load log, there is nothing in the folder where all my logs used to be. If i go to mission planner/logs i can see the kHz,gpx & txt files in there.

I just want to go over my flights, It has been a while but I'm sure I just used to go to telemetry logs & play?

Am i missing something?

Thanks in advance

(running apm 3.1.5)

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  • If anyone is following this, Ive just worked out the answer, which is quite simple. (no bugs, nothing to do with software or hardware)

    If you want tlogs you have to have MP going & link to craft up when flying.

    If you get lazy (like I did) & get tired of lugging your ground station around (in my case I just relied on my FRSky telemetry), the only way is to create kml files & then drag them on to google earth.

    I personally like tlogs.

    Looks like there is a price to pay for being lazy!

    Thanks to all who helped me get closer to "the penny drop" moment


  • Log file is there but no tlogs

    • This is driving me crazy. Flew again today & log files but no tlogs

      • Just checking if anyone has experienced this or where I might be going wrong.

        • anybody?


          • The only thing I have noticed is the logs don't appear in the folder until I close mission planner.  Then reopen it to view them.

            • Thanks for your reply jg,

              Really appreciate it.

              Ill have a look at that. Are you saying that togs are created by mp after the logs are downloaded?

              • it seems tlog is being created for when i plug into my craft. when its sitting there doing nothing (uploading my logs)

                mp is not running when out flying, i just come home & upload logs.

                so maybe question is how do i create a tlog from a log file uploaded from the field? 

                • I thought you were asking about the telemetry logs and playback.  The tlog is different between 3.2 and earlier.  The wiki has good information on how to download, use and read the logs.

                  • Hi,

                    I am asking about tlogs, all i want to do is replay my flying. Worked fine in mp 3.1.9 & now I can't.

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