RFD900 makes servos jitter

Hi all,I have 3 planes with APM 2.5 units and one set of RFD900 modules.In any plane I choose, I get slight jitter in the servos when I turn on the RFD900 radio.So far I have installed a ferrite bead at the radio, added 0.1uf and 100uf cap at the radio and shielded the wires going to the radio.I also tried running the radio from a different power source to no avail.If I disconnect the tx and rx wires from APM but still have power applied to the radio then the jitter disappears so the noise seems to be coming through these wires.Any other tricks to try? The radio is on a shielded lead about 30cm (12inch) from the APM2.5

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    • I have moved it as much as I can. The jitter never goes away completely unless I disconnect from APM. I would wager that an optocoupler on the tx and rx lines would fix it. Yes the cable from APM to rfd is shielded.
      • Is this happening with pixhawk as well or only APM? 

        • My pixhawk is in the mail. So far I have only tried APM
          • Those radios have quite a distance. I had a similar problem and turned down the power on the radio a few dB. Not the perfect solution but it does work.

            • Hmm... this is not good... How do you turn the power down? in MP? 

              • I've had that jitter too. Keep in mind it really isn't anything to worry about. But I did end up turning mine down a little. Yes in MP. Do not connect like you normally do. Instead click on 3dr radio. Then click on 'load settings' make sure you copter is powered on. it should load the settings for both the radios. The one you want to turn down in the remote. It's probably on 20 try turning it down to 14 see if that helps. You hit save settings to send it off to the radio in your copter. Don't  change anything else or it could get complicated :] 3702906989?profile=original

                • Thanks for that. I decreased from 30 to 28Db. Jitter decreased substantially. Will try adding caps now.
              • In MP go to the "Initial Setup" tab and then with MP not connected select "Optional Hardware" and "3DR Radio". With the radio connected to your computer and the radio on your plane powered up click on the box at the top that says 'Load Settings'. Make sure you have the correct comm port and baud rate selected in the upper right before you do this but do not click the Connect button. You should see the settings for the two radios load in to the settings. In the right window which is is the 'Remote Version' lower the Tx Power setting. Click 'Save Settings' and you are done.

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