roll reversed in HUD

Hi again,

I've got the new quad nearly set up but have noticed two, maybe related problems.


First, the roll axis on the HUD is reversed.  When I tilts the quad to the right (right motor down), it shows a left turn on the HUD.  Its acting like the APM is oriented with the servo pins forward for propoer operation. 


Second, when I set up the motors, all motors behave properly in + mode.  But in x mode, 3 and 2 rotate for forward instead of 3 and 1.  So the right and left motors seem to be reversed.


Not sure if these two issues are related or not.  Is there a configuration parameter for reversing the roll direction?


Thanks in advance for help.


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    Ah, I remember my first HUD ;-)  That's a common mistake for newcomers. It's correct. Remember that it's showing the horizon, not the aircraft. When you tilt your head to the right, the horizon tilts to the left. Same for aircraft.


    We even have a bit in the manual where we remind users of this.


    If your motors are reversed, you've hooked up either them, the PDB or the four-wire cable to APM wrong. Check it again.

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