Rookie Mistake in powering up my 2.0 board

Hi everyone, I accidentally powered up my board through the output rail without regulating my battery voltage down, I know, I'm an idiot. Anyways, I heard a spark, and then I smelled something burnt,the board turned off and now it wont power up. I've tried connecting it through usb, no go, and I tried removing the jumper and powering it through usb first and then through the output rail and still nothing. Any idea what I messed up? I was hoping there would maybe just be a fuse somewhere in the circuit that would burn out as fault tolerance. 

Any info helps, thanks. 

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  • 3DR, unlike almost all other suppliers of this type of equipment, did not put over voltage or reverse polarity protection in their design until APM 2.5. Therefore, your error will only cost you $199. If it's any consolation, many have made this mistake somewhere in their history. I'll bet even Vernon, who is unnecessarily harsh, made this mistake.

    Mistakes are actually not all that bad IF you learn from them. Slow, steady and read the directions.

    Good luck,


  • That's pretty bad news, lesson learned :/

    Thanks for the replies guys. 

  • Any idea what I messed up?

    Which part of everything important is destroyed don't you understand? When a manufacturer says 5 volts with 10% over as absolute max (AKA 5.5 volts) and you go higher, there is no going back. Some of the ICs such as the 32u2 (AKA the PPM and the USB interface) burn just above 5 volts. The mega might be able to take a surge of 6 but you likely went 2 cell or more 7.4 or maybe 11.1 volts. There is nothing left and if it was, you still likely killed passive devices such as capacitors too.

    Sorry, but that is an expensive mistake.

    just be a fuse somewhere in the circuit that would burn out as fault tolerance.

    There is, it's known as the traces of the board and the tiny wires in the chips that connect the pins to the die.

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