Rotor VS Fixed for Nadir Aerial Mapping


After months of delaying my build I have finally gotten the time needed. I also finished  my graduate certificate in GEOINT so I am looking forward to applying many of the things I learned. I am initially looking at mapping the 20 acres I live on which can be seen in the picture attached but would like to move on to bigger plots of land and including NDVI imagery. I just bought RealFlight 7 with a Turnigy 9xr to start practicing flight. I have a X5 Skywalker plane that I can start with but started watching videos of XHover's XPRO 230 so I purchased that to build a quadcopter and play around with on the acerage. I plan to utilize CHDK with a Cannon and produce orthorectified and georeferenced. I understand that fixed will have greater coverage but if fixed and rotor are both capable of covering the area is there one that will work better ? Thanks in advance. I did not see this question asked in the forums so I decided to ask.




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  • If the area is small and you can cover it with a copter, I vote for the copter. Its easier to takeoff and land in small areas, you don't need a "runway", if you fit a gimbal you will get better pictures with less blur and more accurate results. The fixed wing will get more pictures at different angles because of the banking it will have. 

    But I am a bit biased... :) I like copters better, I started flying traditional copters a long time ago and have never really gotten into flying planes. For large areas however... you can't beat them....... yet.

    • I just bought a XPRO 230 mini quad to learn on but know that it has a limited payload. Do you recommend a quad that might be cable of flying with a cannon point and shoot ? What do you think of the DJI 450 Thanks in advance. 


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