Hello – it is great to have another builder! So far I really like the fuselage. It is strong and light with lots of space inside. Also it has a good aerodynamic profile. The kit is light weight and looks like a quick build. I am very interested in your mod ideas. Can you elaborate on how you plan to make those changes? It seems like a really good idea to mount the servos on the boom. Did you make any sketches of the mods you have planned? I would like to see what you have in mind. I saw a thread on this site for some guys that made a part to convert the wings to a “bolt together” design. They were attempting to make the whole kit break down like what you are going for. Getting the servos on the tail is an important step in that direction. Also I am interested in looking at the wing and considering cutting ailerons into them with servos mounted on the wing tip sections. This will greatly stabilize the flight for video.

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Here are the latest pictures of mine. I completed the R/C maiden of the RQ11 and it fly's nice. The magnet wing mod worked well but it is not strong laterally. As I landed on my second flight the right wing dipped and sheared the wing joining spare. If I did it again I think I would rebuild the wing to accept a carbon tube. I have since glued installed the wing panels sine I have a car that can easily carry the plane. I am currently installing the APM 1.4 and will let you know how it goes. I am planing to get flight data from the aircraft first and then set the param. file for stabilized flights then auto.

The tail looks great. What servos did you use? Sorry to hear about the wing tip. Did it fly stable without ailerons? I am considering rebuilding the tail so it can Mount two servos. I have Hitech 81 in the fuselage now. I'm thinking about trying futaba 3114 and mount them into the vertical stabilizer.

Did you make the tail boom removable? If so how did you attach it and keep the boom from moving around.

I'm exited to hear about your stabilization flight test.

Good luck!

Hi it looks good. I've been flying a Projet RQ-11 for a couple years and lt looks it... It is by far my favorite plane.  My number one suggestion is to make a skid plate to protect the bottom of the plane and upgrade the rear tail, it's super weak and breaks easily during even nice landings.  Keep posting.

Do you happen to have the param file for yours that I can use as a starting point. What was the all up weight that you came up with?

Mine is 4lbs. that is going to yield a high wing loading. This is with Flight pack 8000 mAh battery, Video 1000mAh battery, APM 1.4 servos, etc...

The build is progressing slowly. I have started the tail modification. The rudder and elevator servos will mount to the vertical stabilizer. I have removed the covering and glued 1/8” sheet balsa and mounts to the vertical stabilizers. Next I will hole out the sheets and shape before it gets epoxied to the tail boom.

New photographs uploaded into the build album. The tail is almost complete and now epoxied onto the tail boom. The horizontal stabilizer is mounted and secured with a 6/32 nylon screw which threads into a blind nut in the horizontal stabilizer. This will allow for the easy removal of the horizontal stabilizer for damage repair and transport.

Hi I'm looking into the RQ-11 for use with the APM 2.5. If you don't mind sharing, what type of components (motor, batteries, etc.) do you have in it? Also, what type of flight time and payload are you getting with those configs?

Thanks! - Chris

I'm still building mine so I don't have the data you are looking for. However I am planning to start with an eflight 480 motor that came in the p51 foamy. I used stand offs to mount it inside. The speed controller is also eflight 18 amp. I will start with a lipo 3 cell at 2250 mAh and keep adding 2250 until I get to 1Ah. I hope to get an hour. Once all that is dialed in I will also set up the 2.5 autopilot.

On mine with the 8000 mAh 3s I am seeing 45 min flights. I just completed the first flight with the APM recording telemetry. I am looking at 20 knots IAS at 45% throttle and maintaining altitude. So far nice gentle plane. Would recommend having a buddy hand launch it with the wing loading.

I would use larger than the 18 amp esc for your setup. 

This is the speed controller that was OEM on the eflight p51 with the motor I'm using. However I agree that it seams a bit light. On the p51 I replaced the motor with an eflight power 10 and used a 60 amp speed control. That set up doubled the speed but really drained the batteries. The logic I am testing is a short take off burst and then a long slow flight. The motor should not draw much. I have a spectrum dx8 which will enable me to see the real time temperature and voltage. I am looking forward to collecting the data and eventually setting up a long duration plane. Most of my RC experience in mods was to make them go fast so this is new territory for me.

The Raven had her maiden flight today. The flight was uneventful and predictable. The plane is stable and flew well in 10-15mph wind. I flew it with 2 2250mAh in parallel which gave 5000mAh. The flight was 20min and when the batteries charge I will know what she ate. Most of the flight was at 55% throttle. With a hop and a skip I threw it into the wind and she climbed out easily. I held the wing tips together and tail assembly to the fuselage with electrical tape; see pictures in the album. This worked well and enables a quick assembly disassembly for backpack transport. Next I will add the telemetry for the spectrum DX8.

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