After the update to 1.3.11 our telemetry radio RSSI values are gone? They just show zero, another PC with 1.3.10 shows the values normally. Anyone else getting this?

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Uninstalled 1.3.11 and reinstalled 1.3.10 and the RSSI values are back

I didn't notice the RSS was missing but I did notice that feet changed to meters. This happened once before, many revisions ago. So double check that before you fly.

the other values are working though?

Yes everything else works that I can see, although the compass calibration for planes is very short and finishes after only 2 or 3 sides have been rotated but that's another issue.

I have 1.3.11 installed on one PC and 1.3.10 installed on another, RSSI values are zero in 1.3.11.

Also after the update to 1.3.11 remrssi and rssi missing from Tuning windows in the map view

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