RTF Multicopter choice

Hello guys!

I'm searching for multirotor platform for aerial mapping (3d mapping, orthophoto, etc). I'm planning using it for academic purposes- mostly geosciences.

As I'm not familiar with electronics I'm looking for RTF set with autopilot and automatic camera triggering (Sony Nex would be best).

I'm wondering if this set will work : http://store.jdrones.com/Assembled_jD_Simplex_Hexa_p/arfacsmha.htm

Can you please tell me what should I look for and how much money I need to spend?

Thank you for your help


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  • My opinion is if you want to do any serious mapping get a fixed wing for the simple reason of extending flight times. I know of no multirotor that can do a hour or more in one charge. You can of course your pixhawk or ardupilot system.

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Aug 25