Hi Jut bought this X8 RTF ,  used it once then asked for a softawre update and now its all Pete Tong !!

I have done all the following and can not figure it out..

Reloaded Firmware

Reconfigured all the settings (multiple times)

Nothing is working and Suggestions woudl eb aprecaited as asking 3dr... well i might as well ask my Mum..  she woudl knwo more and respond faster.




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              • Configuration tab > Advanced Params > Adv Parameter List > "Load"

                • Toby,  Got it .. loaded them plugged in Battery armed and see the result..   still whacky!! 


                  • ok, just to be absolutely sure, I would reload the firmware again.

                    Just to make sure, when you load the firmware, you click on the icon with 8 props (4 green and 4 blue)

                    If that doesn't get it then it leaves me rather stumped and unless someone else has any suggestions, you may have to raise a ticket with 3DR and post a link to this thread. I'd list everything you have done in the precise order to help them figure it out.

        • Hi Toby,

          Thanks for your interest in helping me solve my problem..    OK as far as any changes go i really have amde none.

          I plugged in the Pixhawk, updated the software to latets Version as suggested by the Mission Planner.

          Did all the config as per instuctions in the Manual..  Thats it..  I know not to screw with anyhing else till i  fully understand it.. 

          I will have a look at the flight modes and get back to you.

          Thanks Mate !! 



          • next time you plug it in, take a copy of the current config and save it somewhere safe.

            Here is the config from my X8 on the day I opened the box and before I changed anything.

            If you get stuck, go back to this and then make changes one by one saving a new param file after each change just in case you screw up.


            X8 Quad Factory Defaults.param

            • you are a legend !!  I will give this shot !! 

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