Hi i really need some help here i got my quad setup and stable with apm2 and with 2,6 FW and 1.1.93 mision planner.

I have not test RTL manually but have it program to my failsave and today i had a radio lockout and plane did not make any attemp to RTL it just hold alt well and drifts with the wind.

I have test Failsave in house while turning off the radio and watch on mision planner on the control setup screen in withch mode it goes into and when i do that it did went into RTL.

I also have setup Loiter quit well in calm conditions not in wind but today was not as strong wind maybe 7-8km wind.

So what can i do to let my copter RTL.
I did got 10 sat lock when i lost radio contact so its not like i did not have sat reception.

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