Rudder only control with APM

I am considering trying to use Arduplane to control a rudder/elevator only powered glider....I cant seem to find anyone on this forum or RCG that has done this with APM....its been done with many other autostabilizing controllers by simply using the AIL output to control the rudder servo directly....

will this work with Arduplane 2.76? I have been using the stock PIDs on my Skywalker very successfully, can anyone guess if this would be a good starting point for a Rudder controlled roll axis type aircraft?


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    Yes, that's how three channel planes have been done in the past, patch ailerons channel to rudder servo. For best effect, rudder RX to aileron in, aileron out to rudder servo.

    That way, manual works like other modes.

    Share how it goes for others. Other folks have been doing it, search for 3 channel plane.
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