I am trying to confirm that I have the servo directions correct in stabilize mode.

Aileron and elevator are easy enough - pitch the aircraft nose up and the elevator should move trailing edge down, roll the aircraft right wing down and the right aileron should move trailing edge down.

Not so sure about rudder. I can see the rudder move as the aircraft is rolled - (presumably the turn coordinator?) If the aircraft is rolled right wing down should the rudder move trailing edge left or right? I think it should be trailing edge right but would like to make sure. Could someone please confirm (or correct me)?

Thank you

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The rudder works with the ailerons to coordinate turns. So if the ailerons are moving to bank the plane right, the rudder should move right, too.
Thank you - that did it.


Apparently I have better stability in climb when i do this the wrong way around. When "coordinated", I get roll and yaw oscillations.

I wonder what that is? And if a turning technique should be applied to perform roll stabilization and not just ailerons alone?

Does someone see something wrong with trying: Heading/way angle should input to the rudder PID, and an additional rudder to roll angle mix can be used for coordinated turns. Is it worthwhile experimenting with (writing it up and test flying it)?

I will try make some videos of coorinated vs. reverse.. Here is my last flight, with coordinated: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrTRp1r3WB4  , from 03:45 in the climb it gets bad.



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