Safety Survey V2.0

SURVEY Questions are:

  1. Do you currently own a DJI Phantom of any version?
  2. Would you use a Multi-Rotor Safety Shield (MRSS) if it did not affect aircraft performance?
  3. If the MRSS allowed you to fly over people, indoors and around stadiums would it change your way of doing business today?
  4. Would you pay $199.95 for a basic model of the MRSS?

US Patent 14/991,141 is up for review in 2nd QTR 2017.  KnuLook Aerial, who owns the patent aka Robert S. Cooper would like your help with a simple safety survey.  Dr. Richard Stansbury Principal Investigator for the ASSURE FAA Center of Excellence for UAS at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) recently, 3/29/2017 posted this endorsement:

I am writing this letter in support of Mr. Bob Cooper’s KnuLook Aerial to obtain funding to support his business and the MRSS product.

Earlier this year, I met with Mr. Cooper regarding KnuLook Aerial after he was referred to me by several ERAU colleagues. As the ERAU faculty lead for the ASSURE FAA Center of Excellence for UAS, I frequently engage with potential industry collaborators. In my estimation, Mr. Cooper’s MRSS design mitigates serious safety issues that are prone with small UAS that are operated by both hobbyists and commercial professionals over. This is an important problem because current FAA rules prohibit operation over populated areas without a waiver. ERAU has been approached by Mr. Cooper to collaborate on design, construction, and testing.

Given proper funding, I believe the MRSS from Mr. Cooper would be great fit for research at ERAU in investigating risk mitigation techniques and their impact for UAS operating over populated places and events

I look forward to hearing from you.  You can contact me direct at my personal email if you have any questions.

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