Satabilize Mode

Hi all,


I am new to this.


I  just got my AP + IMU V2+ and want to do some testing first

I got everything work correctly except for the throttle value wich I think I have to do some additional wiring to the board.

My question here I have the Ublox gps but somehow i forgot to order the adapter. I want to do stabilize mode testing to see wether the IMU is working correctly.

can I just skip the gps and do the testing or i must have the gps to get it working?


Please answer.



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  • Developer

    It may work for a little while, but requires the heading from the GPS to correct the DCM - the mathematical model in the IMU to maintain the correct attitude. I think you will loose control in less than a minute, maybe seconds.

    If you were to add a Magnetometer, like we do on arducopter, you could get away with it.


  • I have not tried this but by now you may knnow the answer. I Think you can use the IMU w/o the gps at least for testing. Logically it just stabilizes the plane and is not concerned with position on earth so unless the code hiccups on it you should get a good result. It is just the programing. I have not studied it enough but the data is transmitted to the AP and leveling of plane occures there.


    Good luck

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