Hi Michael,

I'm much appreciative of your Planner, but have a small problem, my own I suppose.

Now, I normally spend a lot of time setting up the aircraft, the computer, the link, which implies that I have up 6 or 7 logs now auto downloaded.

I really would appreciate the old function where I could select what mission log to record and save, this I normally did once everything was sorted, and my 'plane parked on the runway, ready for TO.

Since I'm still in the learning phase, all my flights have a unique time/date type name.





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Gustav: you've now asked this question about five times and I've answered it the same each time. That function is STILL THERE, right where it always was (see below). As for the MAVLink logs, they're all autorecorded now, by popular demand. They're all in your folder waiting for you, no effort required. We're certainly have no plans to turn off this popular feature.


I preferred this old screen :-)

Help me understand a few things please :

1. What is the difference between the APM LOG, and the T-log in terms of available data?
2. Can the APM log be played back in the screenshot Gustav posted? (load - Play/pause)


I too would prefer to clear the log JUST before the flight, and then download it directly after each flight sothat it can be properly labelled and checked while the batteries are charging for the next flight. (like we used to do by starting and stopping the t-log before).

a. Am I correct in saying that this can only be done by connecting via USB?
b. Is there any way of doing this via the running Xbee connection?

The reason for a. and b. is that my apm is buried deep inside the bowels of the airplane, and to connect the usb cable and switch to CLI mode means stripping the plane down somewhat. We do 5-6 missions in a morning ;-(


1) Both log methods can record anything you want. The onboard log is easier to configure, via the CLI. A list of all available log types and the defaults used is here:

MAVLink messages, which are what is recorded on the ground, can also be configured, but you need to do that in the code. It defaults to a pretty full set that should be enough for most people. Those logs can by replayed with the Mission Planner's play/pause controls.

2) The onboard log is analyzed with the built-in Log analyzer in the Mission Planner shown in my screenshot above.

MAVLink logs are typically transmitted over Xbee and recorded on the ground. APM dataflash logs can only be downloaded on the ground via USB.


A full gude to datalogging is in the manual.

If you don't like the autorecording function, please use an earlier version of the Mission Planner. Or use HK GCS, which allows you to decide which flights you're going to record.

Thanx!, and Damn!
Was hoping you were not going to say that.
Calls for a few changes to my pre and post flight checklists.....

Thank you for clearing that up anyway.

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