SCXL004DN Differential pressure sensor (0 to 4in H20)

This is super expensive on DigiKey ($85), but it is being sold on electronic goldmine for cheap! $8.95!!) was thinking of using this for speed measurement instead of the MPXV5004DP, whose pressure range is 0 to 15.8in H20 . The pressure range of the SCXL004DN is much better suited to the dynamic range of differential pressure for measuring speed thru a pitot tube. What do you guys think? This is a very high quality part being sold for a fraction of it's real cost ...

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  • Thanks for the lead on the low cost purchase. However I wonder if these are really suitable. About 15 years ago, when I worked for the avionics industry, a SenSym rep paid me a visit and gave me a couple of their pressure sensor devices to sample, in a foam lined box. He handed them to me with a warning not to drop them, even in the box. I see on the data sheet that this hasn't changed:

    Due to the delicate nature of these very
    sensitive devices, some special handling is
    required. Parts are sensitive to shock and
    vibration and must be handled with care.
    Dropping on any hard surface (bench top etc.)
    can destroy the device. Note 10 In. H2O max.

    By comparison, other companies trusted the USPS with their product and provided no more protection than a padded envelope...
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