I am looking for a little advice for a search and rescue drone.
I have just been asked to build a search and rescue drone and I am trying to figure out what the best frame/motor/gimbal would be. 

at the moment, the drone will be carrying 

a gimbal (unknown at the moment) with a Flir Vue Pro R 640, Gopro(or similar camera), and a Spotlight - gimbal payload totaling ~280 grams

We were looking at either a tarot 650 sport with 17" props or a tarot 680 pro with 13" props because of price and portability. The most important requirement for the drone is flight time, I would really like something that can fly for at least 20 minutes. We also have to occasionally carry and drop a life preserver that weights about 300 grams: we do not need to fly very long when we have that additional payload, but it needs to have enough power to be controllable. Next requirement is portability, this has to easily fold up and fit in a case in the trunk of a car. 

I am looking for advice on a few things, first the frame, what is better for flight time time for a setup like this, a 650 quad or a 680 hex, or something i haven't even though about. any motor suggestions are also very welcome. 

next is the gimbal, i would like to put all 3 things on a gimbal and then I will need to tune it, from the vast experience on DIYDrones, is there a decently priced (<$600) 2 axis gimbal that would fit these needs.

Any help this community can supply would be greatly appreciated.

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