See-thru Glass Quadcopter!


Decades ago, I watched TV show "Wonder Woman" who flew a 'glass-airplane."  Well, here's my see-thru acrylic-glass quad.   The frames, arms and landing-gears made with acrylic-glass. 
Maiden flight this morning with KK2.1 board(soon to be replaced with Naze32), and it flew well! 
The props were not balanced so I expect more stable flight tomorrow. Will mount 1.3Ghz video transmitter soon.

Maiden Flight


-14" arms
-15" frame top/bottom
-RCtime 1000kv motors
-HobbyKing 30a ESC
-Gemfam 10" props
-KK2.1 board
-FrSky D8R-XP receiver
-Mobius camera
-Lumenier TVL 600 fpv cam
-2200mah LiPo

AUW - 1500grams/ 3.3 lbs

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  • First FPV flight (using LCD monitor).
    It was 6am so the image quality (on LCD) from the Mobius was bad due to poor lighting but the recording was okay.

    First FPV on LCD

  • 3701812046?profile=original

    Another flight test using Acro Naze32.  THIS IS ONE AMAZING F/C!
    Also add the FPV components: 1.2Ghz Tx, 600TVL camera.
    Getting into the football spirit.

    Drone field-goal.

    • Pretty smooth video considering you've mounted the camera directly to the frame!

      • You're right Nick. I was very surprised how steady the video was!
        I was only using a double-sided tape to mount the Mobius and expected crappy video.  Guess the acrylic-glass is rigid enough to remove most of the jello-effect.  Here's my latest test flight on my Glass-quad using Naze32 with barometer. Video is still steady.  I've upgraded my Glass-quad with SunnySky X2212 980KV motors(made it more steady) and to Full-version Naze32 with Baro & Mag.  Planning to add carbon-fiber 10" props in few days for more steady flight.  I'm calling this my "Honda" of all the quads/planes I've built:  it just works!  
        All this while my TBS Discovery still sits in my garage...

        Joshua Tree flight

        Naze32 Baro test flight

  • Second flight today, then forgot to put battery monitor. Had hard-land but still flyable.

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    Glass-Quad 2.0 maiden flight...SUCCESS!

  • 3701809121?profile=original

    Already working on Glass-Quad 2.0.
    It will be lighter with 1/2" arms and slimmer top/bottom plates.
    Weighs at 770grams (frame & motors).

  • 3701809338?profile=original

    CRASHED my quad due to faulty receiver!
    Fell from 200feet; was able to salvage 2 motors and 3 props.

  • 1500 grams and 2200mAh Lipo (probably 3S). Hmm sounds 400gr to heavy. Expected flighttime 3 minutes?

  • 3701807371?profile=original

    Attached simple LED last night.

    Cool thing about acrylic-glass is, you can see light on both TOP and BOTTOM plates!


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