Hey guys,
Cleaning space for 2014, selling one of my new Red Epic Octocopter heavy lifter rigs! (less than 2 hours total flight) 'BigMama' model, exact same setup as I used on the set of 'The Expendables 3' film set and other features last year, flying Red Epic and scarlet cameras.

The rig is in AMAZING condition, I wish I could keep it, I have no room!! again, ALL parts are BRAND NEW, less than 2 hours flight in the last 3-4 weeks. 

I have a few of these, since its a winning combination!

8x 25mm, 550 carbon booms
8x Castle Creations 50 ESCs
8x Heavy lift MN1014 Tiger Motors + cable extensions
DJI Wookong v.2 (less than 2 hours easy flights, no real projects)
8x new anti-vib isolators (+ camera plate)
8x 15" propellers (Carbon fiber or woods)
3 levels of center plates and extended area for the electronix
carbon fiber plate for the ESCs
2x carbon plates for batteries (2x lipo cable connectors for 2 / 4 batteries)

Total: $8000.00 OBO

Optional stuff:
full FreeFly 3 axis Radian gimbal extended size!!: $1800.00 (used, perfect condition!!)
retractable landing gears
brand new DX7s+RX, fully setup and installed - $340.00 (camera operator)
Anything else you would be interested like: batteries, FPV, HD downlink, 2/3 axis brushless gimbals just ask, I probably have it here 

Free shipping in the US
With a combination of a few things, I can go lower in the price

* if you like, I can turn it to X8 setup for you
** the pic from set with the Yellow tape is not the actual model, but exact same setup. 

Im legit, check my site: http://www.zminteractive.com


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How much flight time do you get carrying a Red?

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