Hey there. I'm a writer for Gizmodo.com and am working on a series called "Where the Magic Happens." I have my heart set on finding someone in this community to feature. If you have a cool workshop or studio/garage where the AUV-building magic happens, please send some pictures my way!

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Just realized how much crap is on my workbench and had to send a pic.  Soldering irons, hot glue guns, power supplies, SMT rework station, prototype boards, a styro-drone, and a million other things too small to see.

Here's my workshop.  I wish it were pro like Rick M's.  But it has nifty boxes!


The Carbon room at CarbonCore



This would make a nice "find the hidden object" game.

Where is the...



mating planes?

I'm not fortunate enough to have a workshop... I do have a lounge, small kitchen and a bedroom though in my tiny apartment....

Here's the Lounge..

I told my wife that when we moved here that I got to build my man cave. Here it is.

The water is part of our earthquake prep kit, incase you are wondering.

But she made me hang planters off of it.  LOL

With Michael's permission I snapped some photos of his workspace. It's fascinating to see others workspaces!

There are a few more images here..

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