Servo travel on startup (help!)


I am on my first APM-plane build. I'm having a weird issue where on boot of the APM, one of my servos is pushed 100% in one direction. This only happens if the signal wire is plugged into the APM.


Here's a video:

So you see, when I turn on the APM the servo closest to you in the video is pushed all the way down, which is causing damage to my wing. When the APM fully boots it returns to it's neutral position, and when I push my RC sticks to max, it never maxes out like it does on boot. How can I stop this all together?


Thank you so much - really would appreciate any input. attached my params as well





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  • Normally this is cause by the failsafe position of the receiver. Spektrum/JR receivers set failsafe when the binding process occurs and once the aircraft is fully set up and trimmed, you redo the bind process so the receiver sets the new positions for the servos. Other radio system may use a different failsafe setup method. When you first turn everything on in manual mode the APM passes the signal output of the receiver straight through to the servos. It would be the receiver that is causing the servo to go to full travel. Hope that helps, I know it isn't real clear but it's the best I know how to explain it.

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