• hello 

    as configured for a Hexacopter + 2.8 apm. 

  • Sir....
    Which channel of the apm should be connected to the FS t6 receiver for the above settings!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hi GinaMoose,

    I just bought the FS-T6 and im trying to build a F450 Quadcopter with APM2.6, but there is no information about the FS-T6 with quads except this post jaja.

    I Want to know which channel goes to where from the receiver (FS-T6) to the APM. And if i need to configure the transmitter for a quad, because the modes are just for Heli and plane.

    Thanks to anyone how wants to help.

    • Ardupilot is the place to start for APM 2.5-2.6 or Pixhawk setup.

      On the above site link look on the left side and click on "  First Time Setup  ".

      On the new page down in the middle of page under #3 click on "  Connecting the Radio Receiver  ".

      There is your info on APM pins. Its really just pin to pin 1-1 2-2 3-3 4-4.

      Now on all of my APM's using the FS-T6 I have had to reverse channel 2 on the transmitter.

      Dont do any trimming with the FS-T6 put all the trims at dead center and trim with the APM, see above site link.

      • Thanks a lot Edward,

        I will check the page, just one question, the mode has to be in Heli or plane?

        • Same link in my previous post look under "  Mandatory Hardware Configuration  ".

          It has to be plane.

          You also might think of using a rotary switch for your APM mode selection.

          I replaced VRA with a six position switch.

          Lot of youtube and other sites with instructions on it.

  • I just got four flight modes with the FS-T6.

    First is the basis to work from APM flight modes .

    With the APM connected and in the mission planner looking at initial setup flight modes you can see what freq you are receiving as you change the switches.

    By turning on two mixers 1 and 2 and using the following

    Aux channel set for channel 5 SwC and channel 6 SwD

    Mix  #1
    Mix  is  On
    Master    Ch6
    Slave     Ch5
    Pos.  mix   50%
    Neg.  mix    0%
    Offset       0%

    Mix  #2
    Mix  is  On
    Master    Ch6
    Slave     Ch5
    Pos.  mix   0%
    Neg.  mix  75%
    Offset      0%

    I end up with 4 modes positions 1-2-5-6.

    If you play with the % on the mix's you should get different positions.

    Hope this gets you going.

    • what is mode position??
      how to toggle them/

      Would you plz tell me how to toggle only mode 1 in  fs t6?

      Thnx in advance :)

      • A multicopter, like a quad, hex or octo uses a flight controller. The flight controller in this discussion is an APM 2.5 or 2.6 made by 3drobotics . The flight controller has flight modes. Examples stabilize and loiter. Loiter will cause the multicopter to sit at its GPS location and not move vertically or horizontally from that location.

        My post above, September 1, 2013 at 3:31pm, has a link to the flight modes and how to pick them from your FS-T6, Flysky T6 2.4 ghz transmitter.

        • What means mix is on??

          Why is it necessary

          i found that in mission planner when i rotate the VR A of FS T5 the flight modes changes.

          is it enough to change the modes during flight though i havent set the mix , master slaves and other what you told above??

          thanks :)

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