Setting for Acrobatic and other ideas?

Successful maiden on weekend :-)I would like to get some feedback on what people have done with tx setups for the various modes,I prefer running in acrobatic mode as it feels like a proper heli but have the following questions,1. Do users have a flight mode setup for Acrbatic with expo settings applicable (very sensitive in acrobatic)? Do you connect this to idle-up setting? Been thinking of how to do this elegantly.2. the yaw rate is very slow; I like a fast tail - how do I speed this up? The config allows me to adjust PID values, but I would like the SP from the TX to be more sensitive. i.e. I want to move the stick a very little to get a significant yaw rate. Is this a limitation of the quad?3. What are people doing to assist orientation - my legs are green and bright, but I cant see them under certain oreintations - maybe a canopy or some other idea?Regards

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  • Thanks Jani,

    I plan to go flying tomorrow so I will give it a shot - I will reduce the angle factor a little and see the impact, else could also add negative expo to increase response.

    I plan to do some FPV on it, but still getting used to FPV in a plank for now - it is a weird experience.
  • Developer

    congrats for your maiden :)


    1. I think most of users are flying in stable mode. And if not, please update us... Stable mode already allows you to do a lot.


    2. Yes it is limited intentionally to ensure proper work on every official and unofficial ArduCopter frames. If you want to change if there is a variable called YAW_STICK_TO_ANGLE_FACTOR in Radio.pde. If you reduce it, ArduCopter will be more responsive on yaw.


    3. Some uses bright orange pingpong palls, some piece of styrox, some just done use anything. If you are flying far and are in stable mode, you can always let go from sticks and let your quad to level. Then just pinch nose down to see where nose was.


    if/when doing FPV, it's naturally not a problem due you have video feed. And because we are not allowed to fly beyond visual, losing video is not a problem just look again where nose is by pitching is a bit down.

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